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Let it be told

Evelyn dances with her Mom Yamile 2021

Having a Professional Photographer is a priority if you are wanting to remember Your Special Day as it was.

When all is said and done, the dinner and cake have been eaten, the band has left the building and your dress has been dry cleaned and put away. What you have left are your pictures and video. The combination of your formal photo shoot, your candid and posed pictures are memories that will be cherished for generations.

One of your most important vendors would be the photographer. While some mishaps from other vendors may be forgiven, such as your flowers arriving late or your dinner not exactly running on time, bad photography or missed special moments can never be replayed or recreated.

Your day deserves a professional photographer and videographer. It’s a must have! Anyone can purchase a camera and take pictures, they may even get a good shot. Especially now with phone cameras everyone is a photographer! It takes a person with a experience and passion to capture those precious moments in time.

It takes a skilled storyteller. Having a professional photographer can give you a sense of peace, knowing that your day will be captured as the way it was meant to be.


At Your House • Makeup being applied • Putting on your accessories • Putting on your dress • Hugging Mom and Dad • Candid shots with Family and Friends • Leaving your home

If you are having a ceremony: • Arriving for the ceremony • Entering • Special traditions and essential moments • Walking out from ceremony • Pictures with Family and Friends

At your reception: • Arriving at the reception • Entering the reception • Having dinner with family and friends • Special presentations, traditions and essential moments • Cutting your cake • Party pictures and candids with family and friends • Leaving your reception

No two Special Events are the same, so be sure to communicate with your photographer about any special pictures you may want.


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