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Bat Mitzvah’s

What does it all mean having a Bat Mitzvah in 2022

Let it be told

What Is a Bat Mitzvah?

A bat mitzvah is a rite of passage for young girls of Jewish faith. A bat mitzvah is when a girl has reached the age of 12 and becomes accountable for her actions as a young lady. She also becomes eligible to take part in public religious worship and observe religious precepts. “Bat Mitzvah” means “daughter of commandment”. So what happens at a bat mitzvah party?


Bat Mitzvah Celebrations!

A Bat Mitzvah party is usually a big affair that follows the religious ceremony. They have traditionally been very large and elaborate parties that family and friends of the child celebrating her bat mitzvah. It’s a time to celebrate and socialize by eating delicious food, drinking sodas, dancing to the latest music hits.Traditionally, a bat mitzvah will start with the master of ceremonies introducing the family. The celebrator of the bat mitzvah comes after this. It’s a fun and formal way to kick off the festivities. Some bat mitzvahs will even have themes. It’s not uncommon to have movie character or other themes to be incorporated into the reception celebration. The candle lighting. The child who is celebrating her mitzvah calls up one’s family. Then light candles that will be placed on the cake. The first candle to be lit is done in the memory of family members who have passed on. Sometimes the child will choose to read a short statement or poem about each individual member of his family Before everyone sits down to dinner, a family member will recite the traditional Ha-motzi, a prayer and blessing. The eldest member of the family recites the Ha-motzi over challah bread, honoring God as well as the child being celebrated. The challah is then sliced and passed around to be shared. After eating, it’s tradition at a bat mitzvah for the girl to have a special dance with one’s father and or mother. This is a special part of the coming of age process and is often a fond memory for the parents. Everyone watches as the child and parents have a dance set to music together.


Don’t forget to wear your dancing shoes!

For a Jewish simcha celebration), dancing is almost always involved. The horah may be done– you’ll simply have to hold hands with people and dance in a circle. It’s great fun, and anyone can do it. This dance also traditionally involves hoisting the hosts and family into the air on a chair. The lifting of the chair represents being closer to a spiritual place. It also symbolizes people not being able to do anything without the support of others. A toast is then made after the horah(or sometimes before) by the parents, thanking everyone for coming and taking part in the celebration. You can also expect to give gifts, as well. Money is a traditional and acceptable gift that will always work well. A Benjamin (or a couple) placed inside a nice card is a thoughtful gift, as are savings bonds. Some like to give bonds that are a multiple of 18 as it is a favorable number.

Eventually, the festivities wind down, and the day is over. A lot happens at a bat mitzvah party, and at the end of the day, a girl is now a young lady. Just make sure you have your most comfortable shoes on for dancing, bring a gift, and enjoy the celebration!




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